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Lapdari: "We're playing in La Lana"

"We play even in La Luna" Roddolado D & # 39; OnofrioHe was at a press conference here Mar Dale Plata Sometimes River He was preparing for the contest in the semifinal Argentina Cup. In this way, the millionaire president sent a clear message to Boca: "I can not believe at this point Daniel (Angelique) No respect Come on We signed a paper for 24 hours for the game. "

If the future of Kopa Libertadoros D'Amrisha continues in the nebula, there is no mention of the important competition between River Plate and Boca Juniors, events in LMnummen, Millions and Zarnis. The owner of "band" strongly proved his ruthlessness.

"I'm trying to prepare a logic everywhere, the power of reason." Yesterday I went to Assunchin, the so-called Konboll president. There we were Daniel Alicisse, Clodia Tapia, and President of the Paraguay Commission. Agadundo Dominggas has asked us something very logical and we try to avoid violence, and everything that is said for the past three weeks is football's game and this is a war. He said that it is strange to know what he did and what they are.

He pointed out of the box during the planned, he said: "After 24 hours, the honor and keambibalineatulla Daniel (ancelikki), signed a paper to change a game, I can not believe it neakkunnillenn against me. To get the cup, the cup of jetakkalayappeal avasyappetukayayirunnu.oru player in the right situation kalikkunnila Lenkil, a desire to one day play for a day.

"I say to the president of the box neakkunnuntenkil me, this is the end, vents and set plays, 'Come to play, and you gave me a voice, I hear you say parayunnavareat to do this. Do not make lawyers on pages that do not work, you must have the values ​​of life, the newspaper prahasanattin enough, the world will monitor us Canadians, I feel a great pain, as quickly as possible to reach an agreement, we can show the world that we yuktisahamanennum, "says dai'oneaphriyea.

The president of the river emphasizes: "55% of the City's Buenos Aires are playing in the city and the Boca fans are asking to play it, and we can not convince the millions of our customers that we should have the values ​​in life, I'm not talking like a citizen of the river, a citizen of the river." When asked about the location in Doha in Dhrutha, "We play even in La Luna."

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