Friday , September 30 2022

Koni Ansaldi and Nicole Newman include "Courta Poe Lozano"


Talk about it Clean up It has changed In a masala junction Between Nickel Nemon and Konni Anzladi Court of Lorano. It started with an offensive through the use of the words. Soon it became a sudden invoice pass.

As a social media expert, her voice raised her voice to clarify her perspectives about someone else's goal. Young people are seen increasingly in networks. Panelister is never showing her son Vincent's accounts, for her, which is the key to creating a boy's conscience on privacy rights.

"If parents show them on social networks after they are born, can the child set the limits? The child grows up, The right to privacy, When the father sees it …. When the baby falls, the baby is hanging, the first time he walked. So, if your 12-year-old child is in a fraud that shows your footsteps, it's going to happen to you.

Nicole touched, because their three daughters, Sina, Allegia and India, had almost asterisk on their social networks. From a very young age in magazines and in every event of their lives (baptisms and birthdays) They appeared in the media. Then, quite different contribution to the model was: "Sometimes sex education does not allow a girl to see them or their relatives at home or at school, they have a clear understanding of their intimacy."

She stood firm and found that Nicole's words were a barrier. But the model highlights the experiences the girls experience. "They came to the networks, and you do not live on what you say," he rebuked. The Fisherman started a shelves:I am submitting myself. I'll finish, you're always the same", Pronounced the sentence, and the disease has already been noticeable.

There, the driver, Veronica Lossano, interrupted a sharp "girls …" interrupted. It is not Nicholla to hide her unexpected face.

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