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Jull R is owned by Philip Morris, owner of Marlboro 12.8 billion


The FIG Tobacco Industry It appears in the changes that arise from a new perspective of the population from new risky laws in the future. Because of this, many companies are trying to concentrate their technology into technology, which guarantees their existence in theory.

Philip Morris is the greatest example today after having invested $ 12.8 billion in its owners and Marlborough cigarette manufacturers. JUULA young company in the electronic cigarette makes fun of interesting technology / social approaches.

Ok, who is it or who is JUUL?

JUUL is an electronic cigarette Was born in 2015 JUUL becomes an independent company that focuses on the production of this special electronic cigarette when it changes the monetization policy as a project of American PXL Labs in 2017.

Jule is an attempt to eat a cigarette of cigarettes. Its design is similar to a USB stick. In fact, the charging system is based on a small USB magnetic base, which can be connected to any port or socket with the use of an adapter.

This technology approach supported by an attractive design By the end of 2017, Julie is the most popular electronic cigarette in Yuzul. Youssef was a 72% market share until September 2018.

Today, US electronic cigarette makes 72% of the market.

These cigarettes are made in Shenzhen, China, and its bullets or julppops are adapters manufactured in the USA. The company says that the main components of JUUL's are Small amounts of nicotine from the leaves of tobaccoBecause they promise that cigarettes are healthier than "normal" consumption.

The company started with 200 employees, today they have more than 800 employees, whose monetary amounts are limited to the US, In 2019 they plan to produce a product on the international market.

The company says, Each cartridge contains 200 soups and 5% nicotine, Which is equal to 59 mg / ml. Jule is commercially based on eight different flavors such as Virginia Tobacco, Classic Tobacco, Mint, Menthol, Cream, Fruit, Cucumber and Mango.

Joule Stock

The price of JUUL begins $ 35 per cigarOr cigarette $ 50 with a kit that includes four bullets. & # 39; paddy & # 39; s for a price starting at $ 16 from a package consisting of four bullets of the same type. Price will be paid.

In the United States, the FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration) research has led to a great deal of research into research in the United States, which is one of the most popular electronic cigarettes in the United States. They have changed their laws and restrictions on its sale.

Based on the growing participation of teenagers in this market, JUUL has helped increase popularity and its problems. For example, the company had to shut down its social networks and change all the ads; It is no longer authorized to sell the seeds from limited physical stores in your online store; Those seeking to buy online must be 21 years old using an identification and social security system.

The old wolf has become like the sheep

As I mentioned in the world's most famous electronic cigarettes, it has its advantages and disadvantages. Today, JUUL values ​​worth 38,000 million dollars The Ultratia Group is investing 12,800 million dollars, Which replaced the company's 35% stake.

The announcement was followed by a critique of criticism after delivering a speech against the smoking industry. Decided to yield to pressures. But Julie CEO Kevin Burns says these benefits will be in the hands of Philip Morris, the company and the company.

Alterma group Some brands owned by the Algeria group.

"We understand the controversy and skepticism associated with the association of the largest tobacco company in the US and the association, and we've had some doubts, in the last few months, we are not words, but in fact, this partnership helps us succeed in changing older smokers, Understand the principle.

According to this agreement, JUUL The company will allow 35 per cent stake in the company, A little more, even at the moment. You can access Yusuf through a Munter Altter database, distributables network. This will help you reach more prospective customers.

On the other hand, Altoria products have a space similar to those in retailToday there are more than 230,000 chains, including Disease and the entire Salesforce of Advertising. So, who are the highest gamblers in this association, is not JULUAL, is not it?


In the recent months, the company has focused on the products of wet and cerobic products, including its own digital cigarette division, on the side of the UltraCrypt, which has been making fun movements to acquire 45% stake in Kronos, as well as all markton, green smoked products, as well as oral nicotine nicotine products.

If you give it, it looks like Altria plays in all the julux Your guardian to stay in businessBecause most consumers are going to the electronic part. This means that the Ultririya wants to keep customers going through a new product, rather than fashion electronic cigarette, which in turn has become a subject of concern for teens due to consumers and prohibitions.

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