Friday , January 27 2023

Jr. became bigger – 11/26/2018


Mormon was not exchanged by Alto Cordoba in his journey to the West, defeating Satta Marina in the West, excited about the possibility of ending at the end of the year as long as the positions of the fall could fall.

The management of Dario Franco as a foundation, the institute was to break with an ambitious proposal and hand with Mendoza. On 10th, he was in touch with the pub and Veggie. This is a great performance. Galleto took the initiative in the absence of an injury: played for 1-0 at Gonzalez, Akmen, and Mendiata.

When the match started, 7 opponents reverted the defense back to sleep and performed a good way to seal the result. Yes, the junior is already big …

Institute (0): Hendrick; Flores, Agrigir, Jabelel, Mendoza, Narrow, and Endrise; Achranchino, vegatie, and eucalylos. DT: Dario Franco.

MORÓN (2): Galvan; Pearce, Riga, Maola, and Martinisus; Niso, Lillo, Paro, Gonzales; Mendia and ake. DT: Mendes-Pico.

Objectives: PT 27m Mendiata (M). ST 5m Mendieta (M).

Court: Institute. Arbitrator: German Bermes.

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