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It was discovered at Greenland's iceberg known as the crust of an asteroid


Only historical with its dimensions. This is one of the 25 biggest destinations on the planet

It was discovered at Greenland's iceberg known as the crust of an asteroid

Map of rock cliffs underneath the icebergs, the Ice Free State Museum of the Dan Natural History Museum

In 2015, the geochemist at the University of Copenhagen, Kurtzer Grinland noted the strange depression under the Haiti glacier. In a study, he now finds himself at a cost of 30 km in width. The origin of this is an asteroid.

It is one of the 25 Greatest Buildings on Earth. However, its history and origins are really scientific. When and how have we influenced in the Continental Ice Sheet in Greenland?

Not long ago, after a meter of at least one kilometer long meteorite, it is not based on our planet's history.

Extraordinary evidence

As Kegar explained: Unusual findings require extraordinary evidence. We have more than one decade radar survey data, a technique to look through the ice that makes a map of the landscape of the iceberg. If so, in 2015 we had a major diagnosis of depression. We knew it was a special thing, but it was clear that the source of depression was difficult to confirm.

Continue to study

Since then, the last three years have worked and studied in the area. Using photographs, new radars were developed by Kansas University.

You can see a circular structure at the edge of the iceberg. Most of the craters are not visible through the window of the crater. No one has ever thought of you: & # 39; Yeah, what's the semi-cycle feature? & # 39; If you do not know from the plane, it's easy and hard to see.

You can see the entire crater's circle in these pictures using satellite images taken in the lowest angle of the sun, which are hills and valleys on the slopes of the iceberg.

The stranger who landed in Cape Town 10,000 years ago in Greenland, the stranger who arrived in Cape York, could he have a lamp of Iron's big iron pieces in the same glacier? A shocking incident

Failed to conclude that it's the most recently published works. But, in the course of hundreds of years, there is evidence that proves that this hazard is possible.

Geochemical analysis of the remnants near the glaciation is proof of the impact process. Impact zones are designed from glass silk. The impact is hot due to hot weather.

Researchers believe that there is strong evidence to suggest that the green land ice movement occurred.

This is incorrect, since the last ice age is thought to exist over 12,000 years ago at least 3 million years ago. According to Kejar, Greenland was covered with ice covering, and that is why a significant amount of water melts. In temperate climatic conditions, the water goes to a sensational point south.

They want to know the exact date of impact

Nevertheless, they are now trying to get through the ice to get samples in the ground that can be used for dating and precise impacts.

A horizontal window open for science. His study raises all sorts of questions, the rain of asteroids or the nature of a global cooling incident that greatly influences the ancient population of humans.

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