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It is 30 years since the death of Fedorika Maura, the best voice in the National Rock


On Wednesday, December 21, 1988, the national school of deaths in 80 was not exaggeration. Since the exact date is not expired, this claim is based on the fact that the death was taken Federico Moura A stage of our music was lying closed, and in a decade the dance began to enjoy, enjoy and enjoy. In the years that created new waves, there was a turning point for the mass movements. Then Morra could do a lot of things, for example Soda Stereo, the way his first album was produced.

Fedorico was a leading player. The owner of one of the best sound on our rock showed his leadership. With a specific nature, He knew how to get out of the rock from the conservative plateau to include other audiences. It denounced the terrorism of the vanishing movement and did not resist any change.

Was born October 23, 1951 In La Plata (yes, on the same date as Charu Garcia: Great October 23, 1951) was the fourth of six brothers. The son of a lawyer Mountaine Peak Amateur teacher, pianist Felia OlivaFrom them he learned a few values ​​- but lived well – 37 years.

At the age of four, his mother sat in front of the pianoLocated in 1514, on the 12th Street in La Plata, Three years later, I sang a musician and sang in family gatherings.

Although he taught him some of his songs, he went to primary school, depending on the University of Federico La Plata, who played rugby in La Lala Plata Rugby Club.

He first became a first dance form when the concluding culmination ended Daniel SabraOne of the future members of the virus is singing The Beatles songs along with Cryol Guitar on the street. The project was not successful, but the friendship with Daniel.

During his teenage years, when he was in high school at the National School of Law Plateau, he formed his first official team: Dalzemanbrio. Ferrari and Bass held a four-year-long band. On a Bolivia tour, it was even to leave the country.

During his career as a faculty member of the activist, he spent three years, like his elder brother, Jorge. Cailorate movementThe founded Mario Rodriguez Coombo was founded by the name "Silo".

In 1977, Jorge was kidnapped One of the 30,000 disappeared from the last military dictatorship. The whole family gave a very serious blow to the family. Marcelo MouraIn a published article Page 12 In 2014 he remembered: "He was a musical poet, and only then was his accusation portrayed by foreign imperialism as an invasion of imperialism." Initially, he often gained guitar and sang the Sambha.

Fedio never publicly mentioned his older brother The disappearing news soon survived after the death of his singer. A few years before his death, he told his friend Gabriela Borgana:At that time George and I were all different. We fought a lot, but we respected each other and wanted more. That is why the virus does not make public references We do not think it's so much fun to build the reputation of the group on his death. His death is from our family, but this society has never happened, it will never be a marketing strategy. "

His father, Peko, the federal, and George, tried to convert a society that they disliked. George did it from politicsOn the basis of their social commitment and extremism; Time It exhibited from the Fedora art form.

A short history of the virus

Virus is the ultimate expression of modernity in the national rock. This platform band, which led the local stage in many aspects, came into existence in the 1980s. A spectacular movement from the stage would not have been remembered or removed, and it was not at the center. On January 11, 1980, the virus was completely unrecognized in the Lions Club of La Plata.

The best definition we can think about viruses Band throw it on On his official Facebook page. This is a perfect summary of the group's intention at that time. It is doubtful that the scene in Argentina rocks scene SimbranonosAt that time a complex-charmed but fully essential; as well as, He opened the door of the others, Like the soda stereo already mentioned.

One person once said, there can be no soda without the virus, he's right. Federico's first album to be built next yearSoda stereo, 1984), Sound and aesthetics are non-conventional components from the soda creatures band. Vestus made "dirty work", friends and other groups led by Gustavo Serati.

Before calling Virus, Had another name: Hard. It's integrated Laura Gallagios In the sound, Julio Moura And Riccardo Serra Guitar, Marcelo Moura In Percussian, Enrique Mugati And low Masi Sarra Battery. Musicians raised their voice, but they wanted to become male playmates, so they started looking for someone instead of Laura.

Frederico stayed in Brazil. His brothers Marcelo and Julio decided to plan him. The singer returned to work with musicians to work with musicians. With FEDE's entry, Marcelo moved from Perkusian to keyboards.

"We raise our floor to the floor and dance a little"

As the Federico leader, the group changed its name to the virus. The reason for the swine flu is that Julio Moura has been on a big trip. Her friends with him said joked as "viruses."

It was the first big presentation Prima Rock Festival, In Issa, on September 21, 1981. In that concert, The public could not know the aesthetics of virusesWho started to throw orange? When Fredriko received the fruits, he provoked the people: "We throw down our donkeys and dance a little, show us how to shake their legs". He had a habit. He stood and challenged the critics.

A few days later, the show at Issea was locked up in the studio to record their first album. Wadu Waddu Published in late 1981, Laura Galigos (Duro singer) counted the participation of singers, the shortcuts of "the sword" and "modern and smoking". It was on December 18 that year at the Astral Theater. Responding to this federal criticism:It's not complicated, our lines are simple"

Group blast and federal illness

The hole inside That day was released in December 1983, and nothing else Elected President Raul Alphonsen as president, confirming the arrival of democracy For the country, "you are in the inner hole", "tester", "karolian", "in my garage" and "what do i do in manela".

The songs were heard in radio and clubs and became one of the most important conveners of the country. Unlike previous works, The disc had a stronger sound As we have said, They brought the band's crowd to the public.

It came out next year Relax (1984), "Completely Transformation" and "Disposable Love" have succeeded; It was edited in 1985 Madness, "Prompt delivery", "I take what I find", "circular judgment", "a moon for honey"; It was published in 1987 Pleasant surfacesFinal Report

In the structural process the singer is strongly convinced Pneumonia. He will not leave, because doctors make a check, through a study, It has been confirmed that HIV virus is a carrier.

"It shocked us, and it was like a liver. It was a wave of public discomfort. The adverse project of stress (the record in Brazil) ended the world's most stressful thing. We finish the record with the crowns; He changed all the values ​​from one day to the next, "he said Marcelo Moura.

Nine months after the album's release, he made his last presentation at the Teatro Fenix. He then decided to move on to work in the last months of his life.

On 21 December 1988 he was defeated in his car at the home of the Salvadoran Corps. On that day the national rock forever changed the mark, one of the best sound of our music.

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