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Intrahospital infections have reached homes and old age


Intracellular infections are the bacteria that are resistant to the antibiotics, besides the specialty for medical hospitals, the Medical Argentine Association of Microbiology (AAM), "They have already reached on their homepages on a horticultural basis"

One of the topics debated in bacteriology, mycology, clinical parasiticology (Sedebak) Congress in the eighth century Congress, is to create anxiety in the scientific community, and "the defensive rate is too high for antibacterial molecules of the ecosystem".

Each year, according to the World Health Organization, over 700,000 people die from drugs that produce drugs. By 2050, 10 million people will come.

"The health-related infections, also called intrahalilitol, are much closer to the use of the medical devices we've had before," he said in the agency. The door Biochemistry specialist in clinical bacteriology, specialist, jaim kovanski puco.

"Drugs are very much advanced, so the coordinator of the antimicolites sedgeburg has said that there are more patients with transplanted and atcoological infections that are more susceptible to the risk of infection."

He added that Argentina should not exceed 30 percent. This is the lowest point in the question of health problems.

The biggest problem of not keeping your hands is to bend horizontally horizontally ", Biochemist Adriana Sucari, AAM Vice President and Sadebac President.

"Doctors, nurses, medical experts, all health workers who help a patient who is immune to bacterial disease can do it if one does not wash one another's hands."

Doctors acknowledge that the health care-related infections are "fundamental". It also includes day-to-day hospitals, homes for older persons, and patients who enter domestic maternal hospitals.

"Each medical institution is designed and operated by a monitoring program involving drugs used bacteria and precautions for preventing horizontal diabetes, which can be generated by a patient or by someone else's hands, starting with healthcare staff, stethoscopes, thermometers Use of objects, "said Cowenski.

He said that Antibiotic resistance is related to the misuse or misuse of the antibiotics. "The President of the United Nations conference in 2016 addressed the summit in 2016."

The state chiefs were the first to coordinate adequate level strategies to address human, animal husbandry and agriculture, "he recalled.

Studies show that about 80 percent of the carbon dioxide in Buenos Aires "In the province of Buenos Aires, the antibiotics should be prescribed by a doctor and the prescription should be filed in the pharmacy.

"A medicine that does not have a prescription often responds to the natural medicinal properties, causing antibiotics to be unnecessary because it is a viral infection and protects microbial resistant bacteria.

"If we want to take the initiative of microbial resistance, we must keep in mind the programs of all our microorganisms," Koenski added.


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