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Internal Sexual Impressions of "Millennials" Debut – Nolia Marcel said – 11/27/2018

Fiction Millennials, Garka generations Net TV (Monday to Friday 22.30) He started with strong sexual scenes. This is not one, not two … only three. Heat the screen and one for each character pair.

In parallel, we saw the love of Benjo (Nico Ria) and Arena (Laurea Lapida). Then Juanma (Juan Manual Guillaume) Floors (Noel Morsol). Finally Rodary (Mattis Mayor), Almama (Johanna Francesco).

"Millennials There is a sexual charge But you can find other things to be done today. As they see, they'll see the most dramatic characters, "the Noelia Marsole Program assures in the program In the case of bees, La lan ten / radio of the city.

The actress said of strong sexual images:I thought I was going to get better, Frightened to see but the truth is that boys, all young actors, open head, and respect, They ask how far you can"

Juan Manual Guvilla and Nolia Morsol

A pair of junior manual guiwara, nolia marsol, and "millinarians".

What he chose when he selected them to avoid unwanted situations is what made it clear: "The scene has always been foretold, We admit what's up and what's not. "

"My friend came two times to see recordings But when I realized that it was the same dynamic as my work, when a normal scene was recorded, the sex scene was similar to that. It was the first time I was not going to see her. If that's the other way, I'll kill it, Knowing that I am your job even dying of jealousy, I'm dying to jealous of showing my boyfriend another ", Nola ended up.

Complete cast

All the actors of "Millienniers" (Net TV).

The strip started with 0.7 rating points, the activity of a colleague (a space in common, a thousand-word word) A group of young people live together. Their stories and lives are indispensable for mixed up, the complexity of each individual's plots.

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