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In the midst of the G20 cyclone, Julianna describes her love for Aavada and MacRat

November 30, 2018

In long-distance protocol meetings, Juananaana is accompanied by Mauritius Machri, President of Awadaw. First Lady has posted a tender picture and has always had time to show love despite their activities.

Juliana Awadha Except for very exact moments, they usually do not share pictures on their social networks. So we see it in the journeys we traveled Mauritius MakriCelebrate his daughters' birthdays, salute his mother or parents or parents, work on and work on trips.

This Thursday, that First lady It was a good day of the early morning. He met with French President from midnight Immanuel macron His wife and children Brig, He also visited the facilities he had Pink House.

Edda was also with me Maximum Anzorreguieta, He had been traveling to the country for the first time since his death. "The role played by women's economic empowerment in Masima Queen Maximan Panel". It is a matter of pride that motivates such women to lead and encourage equality"He wrote Juliana It is close to the picture of his followers' remarks.

even though, At the end of the day, it was an amazing picture of everyone. This shows the couple Juliana and Maurya are located in the steps of Casa Rossada. When Makri read a text, She touched her hat on a gesture that attracted both fans That & # 39;Of & # 39;. In thousands of comments, the social network users wrote the style: "Historic day, systematic Juliana "," What a beautiful picture! It is I, be not afraid. "" How heavy is that burden, I do not care for your shoes "," he has a big companion and a woman. Both represent us ".

@ juliana.awada: The day is over.

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