Wednesday , September 28 2022

In Chile Fazio confirmed, Pallalos "ended the deal with the Talents"


Andreess Fassi It's confirmed Sebastian Palacios Come back Workshops. After hours of participating in the racer's central dispute for the striker, the president of "T" confirmed that he would return to the club's gardens.

"The deal ended with Palalios returning to Talleres U can not go to the finish after the patch. In the case of Alto, he is likely to go to MLS. Fassi said that no one from U was called by him. Site Chile's graph.

Thus, not only confirmed the arrival of the Palacios, but also the future semester Carlos Quintana and ALDA Araujo, do not define the future.

Some players should remember Chile University's current trainer, Frank Darrow, who asked him to quit.

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