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In a 10-year-old girl in San Juan-Diary La Provinciae SJ

The Public Health Epidemiology Area in the province of Menanitis, confirmed by laboratory on Tuesday, was announced Tuesday. A 10-year-old girl was admitted to the hospital on Thursday after a visit to the hospital. According to specialist Mnica Jofr, this sperm can not be dissociated, but special bacteria that have been exposed to individuals from individuals have been found to be highly susceptible to specific tests. This means epidemic.

An antibiotic treatment has been initiated. It still does not go away from a clinical point, fever, but its diagnosis is reserved. The child was first taken to an ordinary room and the children were admitted to the intravenous therapy in the hospital.

The guard's head proves that a girl with respiratory aneurysites is of two different antibiotic schemes. It was Latin, laboratory confirmed meningitis, but could not be broken up bacteria. Radio Specialist AM1020.

The surgery was performed on Saturday. Those affected by this bacteria know that people have epidemics and that they are negative. "We know he has a clinical and laboratory meningitis image, but he is not directly a person from person." On Friday, I called on the Minister of Health, along with my partner, Deux Ross of the Education Department. The girl talked about stirred up in school, but "not a specific indication of this case".

"There is no indication of disinfection, but the fear of the hut is fearful and fearful, not bacterium in the environment or school, a percentage of our carrier population, the illness, the rest of the others, the others it sends," he said.

The specialties of the disease are intense headache, which is the artificial natural light, which forms the sell out of jet fever. Those who suffer from it should seek advice from doctors or doctors themselves.

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