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Images of Korolev with Mars on Mars, 12/21/2018


It looks like a dull, virgin in the middle of some desert. But this is a snapshot of the Mars Express Orbiter on Tuesday European Space Agency (ESA) Kirov, in Mars. The banking layer you see in the photo is not frozen Water icePresent year round.

The picture is a mosaic For each of the different rotations through the Mars Express' high-resolution stereo camera (HRS), five crapps.

Karelev, an 82 km wide area, is located in the north of Mars and is very close to it A big chamberHere is a good example of what is called Olympian Ananda Mars on Mars Well preserved.

Korelov sees what the Martian iceberg is like. (ESA)

Korelov sees what the Martian iceberg is like. (ESA)

There is water ice in the center of the jet 1.8 km thick. This glacier consists of an IC deposit 2,200 sq ft Mars is not a pole. The cause is always a phenomenon, a well-known phenomenon "Cold trap": From the ground up to the 2 km distance from the ground.

Contains a deeper layer of crater Ice, Cooling air over this ice deposit. The cold air is a weight of hot air, so it creates a layer of ice cold, perennial air, just like a protective shield. That cold layer is what guarantee it is Ice can not be heated or disappeared.

Mission Mars Express It was launched on June 2, 2003, and arrived in Red Planet six months later. Mars is entering the orbit of December 25, so they meet this month 15 years from the start of the project This is the science of the ship.

Mars is named after the planet, KirovRussian is considered the father of the Russian scientist of space technology Sergey Correlated.

In many other places, Corleve launched many famous missions. The Sputnik program founded the first artificial satellites around the earth. He joined Vosto and Walksheet program during the man-made exploration. Vostro was the first space traveler to visit Yuri Gagarin in 1961. He worked on the predecessors of the successful Soyuz spacecraft.

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