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IDBI warns that pension provisions do not exist

The pension has been discussed to the public for better understanding of the objectives of the country in accordance with the international treaty aimed at putting forward government reforms. Experts say that the Argentine regime is the same This is not supported as it is estimated that there are only 1.5 contributors for each retirement, The relationship between assets and liabilities should be one three to one.

The current and pension of the pensions in Latin America and Caribbean are publications in the region "The rapidly growing population was not prepared for aging The area where it expects, By 2050, five will be above 65 years of age. "

According to the publication, generous wage-picking systems have been designed to contribute to contributing to the entire workforce in their hard work, Those doing business for at least a few years can sometimes do bad things Pension (between 10 and 35) to qualify.

On these systems, An important part of the average pension (about 44%) gives subsidy to the states They also donate their contribution during their entire laborers. "In Latin America and the Caribbean, they are generating more income, and generally more years, contributing to higher pension, which ultimately results in higher income workers, sometimes leaving low income workers without a pension and that they do not get the necessary contribution," they point out. Mariana BokChief Specialist of Labor Markets Division in IDB.

"Since the benefits are not design, Demographic stresses will make the system more balanced, but more expensive "Says Bosch.

The system of public wages is generously generous with workers who contribute their entire work to life, and sometimes those who donate for a minimum of years

On the other hand, Each large capital structureIn Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru, the current rate of change Ie 40%, ie the pension availability is less than half of the last pay Every worker.

"Although it is an illusion that Latin America and Caribbean are a young country, Is much faster than other parts of the world "As he explains Carmen Picasso, Head of the Labor Market Division of IDB.

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