Tuesday , January 31 2023

I want to enter the reality of other animals


Andre Freerio, who plays the Argentine-Paraguayan co-production "Lal" in a action film on the drug trafficking in Buenos Aires, said, "People have a lot of characters in the world and Freeghero told us how to work with his daughter for the first time. B Thai munnittiranni a television program at the time.

"Leal" is a picture of a period of life in the Triple Frontier Period. There is no information about this product that is inspired by real events.

The story of Argentine Andrés Gellows, directed by Paraguens Petro Scetaria and Rodrigo Salomán, illustrates the history of a commando group fighting drug trafficking. Introduces a character that includes drama, organized crime, and moments of comedy.

The next year, Paul's character suggested that a super-production of television would be a part of multi-award winning films like "The Illusionus Citizen" and "Red". Daily Strip, Cinematographic Anesthesia.

"I will make a strip near Firhan Miras, China Suarez, Benjamin Wicuna, Virginia's Innocent, Gonzalez and Herdedia, and I'll be a madie in the 1930s migration and the prostitute's stories," she said.

The conductor in the movie "Performance Bodies", in Buenos Aires Multitatto, said, "The characters and the characters were attracting me to another television product, but Telefay's name was" Campanas N'Looch. "Without doubt, Frigerio was a successful year.

And how does Alzheimer define your character?

There are many women like women like these days and perspectives. Many men are prosecuted for making dirty business or fraudulent connections. My grandmother I am a girl: "Two men lying in the same bed have the same opinion." Since I thought and needed, many angelic heads who asked for the financial situation were asked for a lot. It is a luxury lifestyle without a lot of rights to take the decision to prevent a disruption. They can betray their values ​​for convenience, they want to pay attention to what they want, and their travels to Europe want women to believe that her husband is corrupt.

– How is the experience of working with your daughter?

– Fini – Josipina Bochin or me, that's why we made fun of changing my daughter's character into characters. When we started our journey we first said, "From now on we are working with colleagues, a director and a team." I want to clarify that I'm not going to be coach. Out of the way, we ate mother and daughter, bought clothes, and walked together.

What would you like to be an actress?

– Everything. There are many characters, including people from around the world. I want to enter the reality of other animals. There is a possibility that someone else might be in another professional. The facts are quite different. Maybe I would like to make a movie. I want to work in Europe, all my interventions and presents in international fairs have now made a pace. Working in France, I am a good French or Spanish speaker so I want to make concrete.

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