Friday , June 9 2023

"I want to be part of the history of the Independent"


Pablo Press, Who introduced a press conference IndependentAgreed to leave his trip Boka Juniors "Agreed" with the president Daniel Alicsi He is happy when Red arrives because the shirt is so "convinced" to wear. "I want to be part of the club's history"He emphasized.

"Choice is a favorite of the club and the challenge. I wanted to come. Two years ago they made an offer. It came, I was going to do that, but it did not come for other questions. Today I'm on this team. I think the decision is right. In addition, we should work to aim for trainers and players, "said the 33-year-old midfielder.

He added:I want to do the same thing I did in Boca. This is a good job for these four years, and at one point I had to go. I would like to try to get it. I expect all four of them, and you can get a degree at the time of the Independent. The end of the cycle ends when one gets worse or does not play. Boca played in all matches. We spoke to Daniel, we agreed, and we were accepted. it's all right. Today I should be on this side. "

Press unexpected surprise from Cup Kings: "I am enjoyable in any way, I was talking a lot about Hollan (Ariel), and he gave me many ideas, a guy who has made my exit decision, or it is not interested in me or me. It was given, the free dependence on me, I want to give him the maximum possible. I try to integrate into the group and meet the goals in the club as we've personally said, in line with the directions of the training ".

Asked about his physical status, the former national team manager said: "I found a happy team. They're happy, two months ago, they looked like that. The boys are very humble. I am very good physically. Today I have to be trained, because I have another way of doing something. But adapter is nothing else. Less than a week, I think I will attend the teacher's training. I joined my friends' partner. Please try again tomorrow. If Technician decides to determine me, it's good for me"

Finally, it was highlighted the importance of the newborn's Old Boise to Independent from Senenesis.It is very important to wear the guise of the Independent. I am very convinced of what I did. This suggestion is the most interesting for me and it's a challenging challenge. I'm happy to be single. This is a big team in history. I want to Independent and Owl can be part of this great story. At that time, when the first offer came, I arrived. But it did not happen, and I found myself in this place two years later. I am very happy. "

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