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How to use high technology to fight China


BEIJING Early on, one of the great achievements of progress was made by the armed forces. China is in the process of modernization of China, which China wants to challenge world-class forces in this region. In fact, the current President C Xingpong and the reform of the armed forces have become one of the greatest goals of his power.

To implement the modernization process, Developing high tech in Asian country, An area where its experts are best. A study published last month by the US Defense Department Publication, "China's Military Strength", describes the country as "a leader" in some areas.

It is difficult to fully understand the impact of the country in recent years When the data and updates are published, the Chinese state stands for its discontent. However, recently Three new weapons were announced.

Chinese Navy training in the South China Sea. Photo: Getty Images

  1. A powerful naval weapon

On January 3rd, the Global Times published a publication that the Chinese ships would soon take place They will have a "cannonball with a" incredible destructive speed "with a cannon that uses the energy-electric magnetic energy.

The Chinese media assure the country is taking the lead in this region, although Russia and the United States are operating in the same direction. In this sense, the official Global Times ensures that the intellectual property of the inventory is Asian.

By the end of December The various artifacts of a ship that are believed to have built-in cannons were distributed via social networks, But its truth can not be confirmed.

The United States is attempting to include these guns on some of its ships, but has not yet won; They could only be installed on the ground floor. The former army chief of China, Gang, along with China's Morning Post, said that Washington was not overrunning and said "it will be able to lead by five to ten years."

The song was due to the US require more time to accept budgets and allow China's political system to invest more into specific projects.

  1. Hypersonic devices

In 2018, China declared progress in this sector. In August he made his first Test of a Hipersonic Floating Device, Missile capacitors for commercial vehicles and anti-counterfeiting systems.

During the test time, a space rocket used tool, It reached a height of 30 km, speeding up to 7344 km. The official media are official features, such as having a special design in the form of a tip to utilize shock waves to extraordinary speeds.

Chinese hyperonic bomber prototype. Photo: Infobo

Russia and the USA are working on these new innovations. (Moscow has already tested them) is likely to fear Washington.

"Development of China's HyperSonic Weapons Overcomes Us … We Are Back", US Admiral Harry Harris agreed with the US Pacific Command a year ago.

  1. A new bomb bomb

'S Asian edition "All Bombers Amma" (In the American linguist used in Afghanistan) It will.

Chinese arms giant Norinco A new type of bombs were introduced in the promotional video. Explaining how a bomb blast occurred from the bomb blast, the number of tests is unknown.

Based on a note issued by the Global Times on the new tool, It will be the most "non-nuclear" pump in the country. As long as the size of 5 to 6 meters will be able to completely destroy its objective, such as strong buildings and other defense structures.

It is not clear that China's leadership in the field of bombs is clear. Washington and Moscow have already developed very powerful handicrafts.

According to an Elylane Air Force Base article, the GBU-43 / B Mariv Ordnance Air Blastus, a weapon with a 9,800-kg GPS system, Its price is $ 16 million.

Russia This is four times as strong as the bomb, but it is difficult to re-check the data because of the available information.

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