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How to get money for bank leave

The G20's organization and the promises of leading world leaders of the country made this impossible on Friday Banking activity across the country exists. As the banking announcement has been announced, distribution of ATMs will be complicated for three days without any action.

It's important to know that there Other options to withdraw money. Banel and link networks provide shops, stores, pharmacies or service stations to give customers $ 5,000 cash withdrawals.

Businesses with contracts to withdraw funds with debit cards are German, WIPF, Axon, Carrior, Cotto, Walmart, Chango Mas and La Anaña. When closed for purchase, In the Clients' Box of these businesses, they have to request the amount they wish to withdraw. Debit Card and ID are required.

In December 2017, the government was authorized Customers of collection companies such as Rapipago and Pago Fácil, Withdraw money in their terminals. In addition, when an ATM is paid for only $ 100 or $ 500, this terminal can get the right amount of money for the individual.

Another alternative is Immediately replace the use of transactions with transfers. This can be done through the ATMs, Home banking And Mobile banking 24 hours every hour.

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