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How does the sun go forth?

Vladimir Kuznetsov, director of the Institute of Earth Magnetism, Eiusfier, and Radio Wave Expansion of the Russian Academy of Sciences, says that the Sun will not live in half in the next 4.5 billion years.

The Sun is estimated to be about 10 billion years old in 19 billion years. The main star lived for 4.5 billion years. So half of his life remains.

"The Sun is in the main sequence of the evolution of the stars (…) The most recent star in its evolution has a 90% dominance over its surface." Interview with Sputnik

The main source of solar energy is a thermodynamic remedy – the scientist says that the star occurs in the stomach of the star.

Kuznetsov also believes that all the hydrogen in the sun will be solarized when solar and helium and other physical chemical components are initiated. Experts say that these processes take place within roughly 5,000 million years and develop the Sun into the orbit of Venus.

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As a result, the star absorbs the nearby planets and sprinkles the earth and becomes a white dwarf with a diameter of 10 km. Planets like Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are surrounded by these solar system objects.

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