Thursday , June 8 2023

How did Ponzios and scoco


River Plate He jumped off his official career longer than his main rivals Argentina Soccer Super LeagueHe had to face from Saturday Defense and justice On the eighth day of the restoration framework. For that party, Marcelo Gardodo In the underlying line that starts to think about preparing for his next game, he will not be able to include two prominent players in his team.

They Leonardo Ponziosa e Ignacio Skcco Training differently is through training. On the side of the midfield, he is making a special arrangement, as he remembers that he will work more with his teammates and will have more practice, he realizes that he is 37 years old and can not take lawn in a short period of time.

When the striker is faced with a new muscle damage on January 13, he is recovering without any time limit. Now, in evolution of the millimeters medical team, evolution is positive, but they do not intend to speed up the process of technology. They definitely want to play because they can be harmful to the player's physical integrity.

Ponceo One day before he counted again to the games that he would face millionaire for gallery, he knows it very well, but Skc You may have come to mind that you will lose the encounters Union, Board And Godo Cross, But if everything goes as expected by doctors, returns Nacho's shirt to wear River In front of RacingIf you want to look up the title in a major game Superbig.

The last official match of both players is the opponent Al Ain On December 18, it was part of semifinals Club World It was developed United Arab Emirates. This match ended in a draw. After defeating Argentines in penalty, they reached the final. Real Madrid. They have played two matches since that day National It deals with the opposition of Florentino and Vorlage.

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