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Horatio asked Larita how to find out how the bar reaches the river – 300/11/2018


Buenos Aires Mayor Horatio Rodríguez Lauretta, an internal summary Determine the reasons for the events The Boca Juniors' group was trapped on a river near the Memorial Stadium on Saturday. The attack was being tricked by fans in the river.

The incident happened on the radar's Lareta Saturday Direct procedure is the previous day, Friday, Buenos Aires will operate in the company of Justice Head of Bari Bravo River In San Miguel.

"The problem here is that it's called bold bars, the mafia that has been 50 years ago and the creator of these events," said the head of the government. "Yesterday's event was Saturday, because There is no smile to believe that it has not directly affected episode of the previous dayThere were 10 million pesos and 300 tickets found on the banks of the Breve Bar River, "said Rodreuse Larita.

"Those tickets were given, Because someone gave him something. So we ask the prosecutor to proceed to the investigation, we expect to calculate, we assure you that we are cooperating with the club for that inquiry, but we have to decide how to go to the mafia, giving tickets. We will carry it out and the bars, it's a challenge that we face. As a consequence yesterday. "

Lareta added:This is the problem, so 300 people could not enter the court yesterday. They were the main characters in all the abuses surrounding the court. Boca players included stones to Omnibus. We're bravely going down the bars, what's happening, and what price can we go with, "the person with the responsibility of the executive power of the City has been completed.

Rodriguez said the suspension of the party in the afternoon after learned keambeabal ceyyappettatinepparri larerra suraksaykkayillenkilum "Sports Equity", of the reasons sambhaviccatennan.i this way, the executive power of the executive power of the police to take charge of the Buenos ayelsile ordered by the Security Minister Martin okkampeaye City events Facilitated at the local security forces took charge of the city.

"The operation is in charge of the city police"He said. "Of course, I've been convinced that I'm going in queries and I want to see what's going on in these circumstances, as we always do in determining responsibilities," said Rodriguez Lartra a few minutes before the superclasso suspension.

"The minister has already instructed, to go deep, to inquire about the responsibilities, not at all stages of the group, and to the surrounding events, which is now looking into the security ministry," said Laurie Rodriguez Laurie. Clarin tried to communicate with Okom but did not answer.

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