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He was happy when Ettremen Andradas performed his best against Patron before becoming Narayana


"They told me they would be next two years and said they were going back next year, but I tried to speed up my recovery, which I thought was going to spend a bit more inactivity, but I felt really good." Thanks to Boca's goalkeeper Esterban Andrates. A good performance with regard to Paton came back as a star. Copa Libertadores final match of the next week at the start of the next game.

57 days later, it became the most authentic of Lance Fast reflexes were good interactions When Matrius Garido started to drop, "Pattern" was one of the best performances at the end of the game of La Balobora's Game of Pantu between 1 and 0.

Anders are collapsing and disappearing with the dad.
Anders are collapsing and disappearing with the dad.

Goalkeeper was at the height of Boca Hill. Whether now Guillermo Barroso Schillotto's Augustine Rossi, the last is to decide whether his previous confidence in the former "goronet" is from the village of the river.

"After the game," Melissa told the press conference, "Based on Andrada's performance," Beauty is good, "he said," he went to a desolate vessel. " He added: "I saw him well and went seven days to work, and we will decide on him and the rest of the team."

Is your chance?

Pavon, almost neglected

If you do not want Boca fans to listen at the top of the Copa libertados superfine, Gillermo Barros Shelto Coach agreed to resign for some time, and it was difficult to reach Pavon's "rebellion against the river" (Christian). The injured in the left teeth suffered from the first half.

He was sincere It is a demanding meeting of all players, "he said. "There are eleven players who are in constant courts, and if they can not do it, it's difficult for him to play," he explained.

On the other hand, Boca's technologist "did not like" and "everything" between the two teams was "very much". In this regard, the first finals were "even" and there was a difference of "good players" with the two sides.

Also, Barroso Shelloto tells of the condition of Carlos Tevez who has performed well in the parro league: "You have to be the best when you start from the start or the game," he said. Apache

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