Sunday , January 29 2023

He played with Argentine Grill and killed his partner in Spain


Jose Luis Galago Sanchez, 40, was born in Argentina with Interpol Operations with civil Guard officers in Spain that killed his partner on September 2 in Spain. .

When attempted to identify the murder, attempted to enter a grill at Santa Catalina 6027 in Posadas, Messina province.

He alleges that his partner was stabbed and run away from his country. "This crime is not going to be punished and allows us to know about the criminal investigation and the police coordination in the Interpol agency, where it is to do so:" Judiciary's will, according to Patrici Bullrar, the directive to the Security Secretary directed by Yugoshi or Burzaço.

The body of the Eva boofoot found by Spanish authorities had deep cuts to the cuts made by white armor.

A search was made in the country when the Federal Investigation Division of the Customs authorities came to know about the presence of the Spanish Authority Guilty of an adventurous crime.

Murder was legally involved in a commercial aircraft and stayed in a la plateau for three days.

Sanchez is a former loyalty of the Spanish army. Training and instruction to enter the war or military activities.

Dr. Posadas Federal Federal Criminal and Corruption Court of Posadas intervened. Secretary of Veronosa Scanata, Dr. Prior to Fierro secretary's 3, prisoners should be admitted to Posadas delegation, to Spain

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