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He killed his wife in Spain, caught in an Argentine grill – 11/25/2018


There was a former Spanish army officer International arrest warrant for femicide The agents of Posadas are arrested in Posadas. The cattle sheet was built near a grille.

There is no opposition at the time when he was besieged by several federal polities in the Federal Police. Former army On the red list of Interpol According to the Court of Extra Contracts Court against Castolone Women.

The arrest is based on the data provided by the civil guard in Spain. This action is based on the Argentinean attack. The prisoner is a former army Jose Luis Galago Sanchez, 40 years old.

The survivors of the Democratic Ministry explained that the men were a greener and vicious man. He has blamed me in Castillo Kill your partner with multiple prisoners, EVA boo-floor, 35 years old

Within a large interpol's operation, Femizide, along with the Spanish Civil Guard, went to a grill in a few blocks of missionary headquarters in Catalonia Avenue.

At the national level, the Federal Investigation Division of Fluentics officials, who knew about the presence of a Spanish citizen who fled the country after the colonization of the country,

Immediately, a communication exchange was opened by Spanish officials and civil guards. Gazigo Sanchez was in the province of Messins.

Interpol wanted international capture from that information.

Once the operation is completed, Patrick Bullrl,This guilty offense is not going to be punished. Interpol's police searches, police stimulus and permits us to know about the fug anywhere. Where is it now? Justice was distributed. "

The EFE agency referred to the existence of the former Spanish Legioner Precautions for secular violence against the previous couple. The complaint was filed by the victim for her request.

The prisoner was detained by the prisoner Maria Victoria Scanata. It was in Spain.

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