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He abandoned D. Fellip – 11/25/2018


It is not going on now. Newell once again failed to beat Aldocsivi, and the team's crisis increased because of a coach. Beyond that, DT had expressed his desire to continue in the campus and was disturbed when he got into contact with Columbus. Omar D. Felipe resigns

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"I am honored to the people I represent today, and I'm going to keep it going. We are not satisfied with the results, but I'm very happy with my labour "Last week was insured. But after 0-2 against the shark And he turned back and fell. After a fierce battle against the Central Argentina Cup, Lapra has not succeeded and does not celebrate as a visitor.

Omar de Falip

"I spoke with players and heroes, I resigned, I thank everybody, but today we have to deal with the team, we need to change the sky, I'm feeling very sorrow and pain", He promised. Subsequently, he said: "When I saw the team in the first half, I took the decision. You can not go to 20 players, I should go. I do not want to hurt the club. "

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In this way, in February this year, The list of technicians who dropped their position in the current Super League is as follows: Ruben Forrallo (San Martin San Juan), Juan Pablo Pampido (Board of Trustees), Christian Ludzma Tigri), Pampa Biyyago (San Lorenzo), Lunen Bernardi (Belgrano), Alfredo Berthi (Argentine juniors), Guston Koat (San Martin de Tubunman) ), Edwardo Dominguez (Colon).

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