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Hailing AIDS in Sun Wan

The opportunity to remind World AIDS Day on Saturday, December 1, from the Ministry of Public Health has provided statistical details about the progress of the disease in San Wang. Cases.

"There are 102 new cases in San Vonu last year," said the Minister for Public Health, Dr. Aljendra Vanarando said, "not only does the department encourage and assist the health department, but also provide clear answers to the treatment of patients."

Venadando agrees that San Juan's disease is going up, and all activities from the state are important actors in the battle against AIDS and cooperate with people who do not have information. We have all the possibilities for finding out from the ministry, we are being diagnosed in all health centers and we are participating in all the activists, "the official explained.

The minister suggested that it be a basic way to avoid contraceptive pill. "It's a fair and resistant measure," he said.

Victoria Signature, head of the Providine AIDS program, has reported 1377 cases since 1988 when it first discovered in San Wang. In the past six years we have 95 new cases. In November of 2018, 103 new positive markets were discovered this year. "This is a talk topic and you can have a lack of awareness about the use of condoms in sex with new partners, even if you know the state of the university slave that this year is the subject of more cases. The goal is to encourage people's interests to see whether or not gum exists.

In the age of aging, "Men have 32 years and women 33. At the national level, the female ratio is two men, and at the local level every man has three women," sign said.
They will conduct great tests

Exams will be held on Friday 30 November at the base of Civic Center starting from April 9 to 1.30 pm.

On Monday and Dec. 3, all the health centers in the province would be examined.

In all cases, the exam is free, confidential and free.

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