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Gutiérrez is an adequate margin of an inner surplus


The governor Omar Gutierrez will be elected again and a new phase will start in the provincial government. "The challenge will be taken in 2019," the governor said last night after winning the MPN's domestic election.

"The political project goes to meet, the colors are fulfilled in the MNN" and "Rigo Nigro" asked Rolando Fighero, his current deputy governor, "Today's Interior.

According to MPN, 120,000 people voted for it. 62% of these are Asul de Gutierrez list and 38 years of Violet de Figueuro. "It's 30 percent of the entire population, that is the same percentage we put in 2014," Gutierrez said. The official figures indicate that 60 per cent of the list is Blue, with 57 per cent per capita.

Figroo is silently chosen. His advocates repeatedly said that there was fraud. Gutierrez recalled that the control of Judiciary Power's 23 soldiers was restricted and saved the good sense of the electoral process.

He twice demanded that the MPN had no winners or losers.

The MPN Government in Gutiérrez Olascoaga 1.002 celebrated a street in front of the board. Governor Jaraj Zapag arrived there after the 22nd anniversary of his candidacy.

As he showed himself in front of the crowd waiting, the guitars took the microphone and the militants started singing the song. "Where they are, where they are going to win us," they said. The governor told them not to continue. They adopted a more neutral stand. A clear message of solidarity that he received by Guillermo Pierre at the end of the day called for Figua to be invited to participate in the challenge of retaining the province in 2019.

Gutiérrez said 20 so that he could not attend his cell phone, if Fiorius called him, he could not have attended. He was an outstanding call from Senator Perera.

Encourage Philip to get out of MPN? Periyara said that he did not believe it was necessary to replace the unit. He chose to appeal to united gestures.

From now on, the provincial election date should be fixed. The governor had a definite response: "In a phased manner, at first we had to win the internship and we would fix the date."

Closing and creating a web of contracts. Because the Governing Board shares between Jargee Sapag and Perera, which will link them to the wards of the provincial deputies, that is, they can reach the bench in the legislative assembly. The losers may have deputies, but where the party leadership is located. After deputy number 12, the electrostatic leeler 810 of the lowercase Lener 810 is hard to settle.

In numbers


According to official figures released by the president last month, the voter is slightly different from the white virus.


The blue list was also received by votes. In 2014, the number of formula Guevatus was 69,631.


They voted in the domestic and open elections of MPs with 420,735 affiliates and free.

El Sanaar, L. Cholar, Kaviyavu and Chose Malal lost their aspirations

Around 60 percent of the polling stations in the state also surveyed. Blue list is also a great success. Their representatives said they had won 50 out of 54 seats.

In North Newquay, Omar Gutierrez, governor-general of the region with clear influence of the Viola list, gained unexpected wins. In Huangtong, 100% tables were considered. Azul was a little different. Governor's position was 49.39 percent of the vote. Compared to 46.76 percent. He gained 54.32 per cent of the vote and stayed in the city of Las Ogas.

He achieved a successful success in oil fields such as Anne and Rincón de la Suez. He won 60% of the votes.

In the south of the province, La Asul was a good performance. Guttires with 85.19% of the seats in San Martin de Los Andeszas remained 61.26% of the votes. In Villa Villa Agostur, 91.66 percent of the votes were received. The current president has 53.77% of the vote. Villa Trafford has won 55.67% of victory.

The current governor is Kaviau-Kopay, where the Deputy Almama "Chani" refuges Zapuag. The total voter who voted in the section of the party received 54.15% of the votes. San Patricio del Chaner, Chos Malal and El Kolar, who won the first team of the current deputy governor Rolando Figueuro,

Vaca Muerta's keys to oil towns like Anelo and Rincón de Los Suez and the Blues list retained their candidates for the Quartermast.

A classic: taxis and contracts

On Saturday, many stations and service stations enter the vehicles waiting for the tanks to climb. In the middle of yesterday's capital, Nakvelli was built on the activity of taxis.

According to the information from the Peninsula Union, 280 units participated in the provincial election in the provincial party, but did not indicate what it was.

FuVautura did not speak, but doubted the election

When the navigator of the People's Movement (MPIN) knew the temporary results of the domestic, the opponent at that moment was in great absence. Voter's photo was taken by deputy governor Rolando Figoo and Omar Gutierrez sent a voter list of lawyers attending a press conference, which was criticized 21 years ago. The election was "treacherous". "It turned out to be a strict watch for the fraud of policy, fraud and transparency," said Federico Borro, Jose Russo, with Rodolos Chanetan at an office at Independence Street.

In some tables, a spokesman for "cutting" and "trout ticks" is "very different, very magical". However, today they will analyze whether the complaints are formally formalized in courts. He justified that they would not do so during the elections, because election justice was "closed". "We have not found any houses of judicial power and we do not know where they are." There were 23 inspectors who were asked to control elections in major cities.

Their members already said that their Blue Contestants had "prepared a fraud" by buying votes and voting people.

"Our colleagues are disappointed, it is always possible to get rid of the rough edges, but it's very difficult at this point, but here's the betrayal," said Russia.

Vice Governor will speak on 11th. Because of his vision of what has happened, Attorney said that the analysis of data was "more about a nation leader and lesser heat."

Figo's last day decided to wait for the results of her daughters' daughters. He did not answer any questions before 18 questions. His main candidates were silly.

The temporary results indicate the success of Viole for the purposes of Chos Malal, El Color, and El Chancer.

Analysis: Gute rheumatism with its own stamp in the blue list

Governor Omar Gutierrez achieved something more than a victory victory yesterday. He wrote his stamp on the work of former Governor George Zapag: blue list. He is also the vice-president of Vice and Vice President Rolando Figroero. Has approached the government as part of renewal.

The presence of Zapak from the shadow was suspect, both inside and outside. Fighrooy filed his criticism for his mate.

"It's all about him," said a goodwiller collaborator. Governor's device and style selected: Young Profiles and Display Management. Apart from it the suspect that Figueroa is perforate the reality of the battery, it will get success. The government is expected to retain the MPN after 2019.

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