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Guatemala Alpha's reflection on Argentine football: "I am ashamed and disgusting"

Gustaf Alfaro A press conference was held after the last cyclone. The Ministry of Defense received the Superbiga on Monday.

Parole Patriots have fallen ill with westernization in the West, along with Sun Lorenzo. The petition was submitted to the supervisor of the Super League. Hurricane In the future date.

Coach Globe The maximum division of national football is determined by the management of the institution that regulates AFA and Compambol. In the best way, they stood out:

"I want the Argentine football team to prepare for the Argentine football team to break the Argentine national team and we're destroying an icon like the River Nadine Boca and we decided to play with the two teams in the Argentinean football"

"We're stolen classic, like tomorrow, they're plundering us, telling us that we can not dance more tango or allow theaters in the Coriendor's Street".

· "Boca is a nation of existence, and it can not be permitted in Doha to have a great deal of bombs and rivers."

· "A championship that won in a table gave me a medal. The suspension against pepper spray was bad. But there was no connection with the river. You must play the game "

"They opened my head in an open court and opened the game as one goal, because I decided to withdraw it, and I would have done it again and they gave me 13 minutes (they lost time), they picked me out two players, They lost an offside goal and I lost, Is I a game follower? No, because it is "

· "As a football man, I feel shame and shame for football. This can not be allowed. We react to our interests, so we are partakers "

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