Monday , February 6 2023

Greenhouse gas rises as the window closes


This is the long-term climate variation, sea level altitude, marine life, extreme weather, and the climate structure recently found in Greenhouse gas bulletins.

A report on the potential of trichlorfluorrheaine or CFF-11 emerges as "greenhouse gas and ozone-dipping substances" linked to the production of CFC-11 in East Asia.

Grin House gas bulletin's idea of ​​the emissions of carbon dioxide has led to concerns. The consumption of fossil fuels consumed. Scientists are responsible for the greenhouse effect that causes global warming.

"The open-ended window of action is almost closed," he warned. We have reached the level of carbon dioxide that we have not seen for more than three million years.

Since 1990, many greenhouse gases in the climate of the climate have risen by 41 percent – "radioactive forceing". The amount of carbon dioxide emissions has led to further ice sheets melting and creating more aggressive climate. Bank of England Wednesday reported a record loss of $ 140 billion on Wednesday.

WMO Chief Specialist Guard Kebat said climate change is in favor of unusual cold weather.

The report reveals that the temperatures below 2 degrees Celsius will be harmful to the well-being of the planets and the population. "Every element of global warming issues makes every quarter of the greenhouse gases."

To find ways to resolve climate change, Poland finds information about representatives from about 200 countries that conclude next month. The main objective of the conference is to implement an implementation plan for the 2015 Paris Agreement.

United Nations human rights activist Michelle Bachelet has sent a letter to all states that there are legal responsibilities under the World Human Rights Act to curb climate change and mitigate its effects. "Climate change is scientifically proven".

Average annual growth during the last ten years stood at 46% compared to the greenhouse gases.

Methane – The atmosphere is preceded by over 250 per cent prior to industry – the long-term greenhouse gases. 60 percent of fodder, fossil fuel exploitation, landfills, biodegradable burning

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