Thursday , September 29 2022

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When you open Google MapsThe app will automatically register your location and you can guess your home and work addresses by following the frequency of the places you visit. If you keep deploying Location History, this happens if you continue to do so. Reporting.

"It improves the user experience", the company is justified. Ensures that its users provide "strong controls" to "delete their history at any time". In a matter of weeks, there is a publication that explains how to delete your records in the database on the Google Blog.

But the period of time is limited Google Maps It's more complicated. When you search for an address or establish a way, the company cares for this information and saves it in its database. Everything you're looking for will be stored in "Location History" for your daily tours.

"Improve user experience" In addition, advertisers are using this data to monitor the effectiveness of a system running on the Internet in 2014.

According to British security researcher Graham Clelay Google Maps When the option "Location History" is deactivated, it will not be registered with its users' activities. This claim is based on the Associated Press inquiry that motivated US lawmakers to discredit Google's privacy.

Google gives you a clear description of its devices. Now there is a process to remove the users' database in the database database step by step. But that's only next year Google Maps Production Management Director Erik Miraggia said.

"Privacy gets direct controls on Google products that we use every day, and we'll keep working, so everyone's got privacy," he adds. Your data will remain in Google Docs.

Save my data-

You can check what you know Google Maps In your Google Account, click "Your Personal Information and Folder" option Google Maps"All your movements are reported in this app." Does not help Clear Clear Search History, but call "Company activity on the web and apps".

Google says everything you do on Google services in the said section. This is the option to disable. To do this go to your Google Account and deactivate the function by selecting "Restrictions on your Account Activity".

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