Fast pair Earlier in the year, it was designed to help the device developers make it easier for device manufacturers. Bluetooth connectors are also fast connecting and connect with customers in the simplest pairing process.

Today, Google has been updating the fastest, so it also provides connection settings for Android smartphones and tablets associated with similar accounts Bluetooth.


Pairing a headset to a phone will automatically connect to other smartphones or tablets that use the same Google Account. It's simple

Fast pairing is compatible with Chromebooks up to Android 6.0 to 2019

Fast pair will work with all devices Android 6.0 and above, Is promised in 2019 Chromebooks work with Google's creators Jaybard, Bose And Anchor sound core, And your future products are compatible with fast paired so this includes new features.

In other words, short-term waiting for a good product of hard phones and speakers, making it easy for Bluetooth phones to have Android phones. Of course, we should wait to see if this technology is the best, or at least, the Apple W1 chip in their airports.