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GM is the real villain of some of the workers in Ohio

Ohio– After an election campaign promising a Industrial Renaissance, the President's Tramf came to an enlarged industrial area in North East Ohio last year.

He said that efforts were made to "get back to everyone". "Do not move, do not let your house be sold."

On Monday, in the face of this voter turnover with the changing dynamics of the automobile industry, General Motors asked the workers to stop the Chevrolet Prince factory in Lewistown.

"Some were crying," said Joey Olesky of the plant, a 23-year-old. "I've seen people who think I'm looking for flu.

Many people in Lordstown have realized that Trapal Steel tariffs are a way of working as a way of creating jobs. However, critics criticized the president for not fulfilling his promises, but he was quickly acquitted by various employees.

Some of them were well-intentioned, but with great financial powers. They say that Trumppt's mistakes are genuine culprits compared to General Motors.

"We do not appreciate it, GM said," It will continue to drive our cars from this country, because at least it will be returned and sent back to us, "Trunkup Supporter said.

Beyond 1,600 jobs lost in the plant, there are some dozen distributors who employ thousands of workers in the region and industries in the Mahanong valley, which lost customers.

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