Wednesday , September 28 2022

George Rial married Romei Pereiro


That was it A complicated year For George Realty An unexpected war with his daughter Morena Strain The three-month project, Infiltration, Rumors of weak health. After driving a new year after driving, the driver goes back.

In addition, 2019 will come with a ring in hand, a year after love, "Yes I want" with Realina Romina Pereiro.

"There will now be no more to marry, not because he believes, but in a paper, but for all our pleasures." Our daughters think we are a family, This will be important. The following year, I was sure to "talk with journalists Included.

Real and Roma passed through Twitter. When she took part, he signed her Reduce weight The fraudster on the networks made use of a slogan that spoke to her. "I told you he does not understand men … & # 39; ll be able to say anything to you … & # 39;"

After some online chats they agreed to go for a coffee. "We ate one day a week, and we were not more part of it." I realized I understood Because I ate the orange pudding. He did not ask for permission … We had a short time, and I had to go to work, "Real remembered in a television note.

The big challenge of couples was to include families. We met each other once a week. Because she had daughters Emma, ​​Violin. I had my life and we were unable to see each other. It took us a while. And then we have it all togetherNow, the bride and the bride are with her and Rocío, their youngest, La Pampa street floor, surrounding Belgorno.

Love is officially celebrated in 2017 in a social network. "Life showed me again, Romney Perero, a smile to appear miraculously," he later wrote.

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