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Genetic manipulation: Chinese scientists are self defense. Another pregnant woman says she has a pregnant woman – 11/28/2018

China's scientist Jianyi still defended the work of birth First genetically modified children, A profound medical and moral consequence of deep rejection of the world's scientific community. The second pregnancy continues, and in his clinical trials he & # 39; s now & # 39; He will continue.

Jiankui, an associate professor at the southern city of Shenzhen, 34, revealed another pregnancy in her first public statement in an international conference in Hong Kong.

I said Earlier this month, the DNA was transferred to two of the two victims who were trying to prevent HIV virus. The scientific community is experimenting, and universities and government groups are investigating the situation.

The second possible pregnancy is in the initial stage. If it continues, we need more time to confirm.

Geniologist Jianii (Bloomberg)

Geniologist Jianii (Bloomberg)

After his speech, famous scientists said There are more reasons than things to worry about More questions than answers. Director of Conference The experiment is "irresponsible"This makes it clear that the scientific community has either self-regulated or avoided attempts to change the DNA.

Even before the DNA changes, it is a complex problem because the changes will be tradition and destroy other genes. This system is prohibited in some countriesIn addition to laboratory research, including the United States.

Instead of becoming a venomous palm to test genetic editing, I opted for the HIV and forcing the girls to benefit. "They need this protection because the vaccine is not available," said the researcher. But scientists did not approve of their approach.

Jiankyi said in a medical conference in Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Hong Kong after a DNA transition to HIV prevention of AIDS virus.

Eighty Couples – Steropic father and Seronatinous Mass – were ready for trial, but one of them was withdrawn.

"I apologize for the outcome of unexpected results," he announced on the birth of the twins Lulu, Nana.

"There is a break in the clinical trials because of the current state"A scientist working in a laboratory at Shenzhen added.

"This is definitely an unacceptable stepJennifer Dowdon, a scientist at Berkley University in the University of California, said: One of the findings of the CRISPR gene editing tool said: "I'm really happy to have celebrated today, but I do not think we heard the answers.

There is no independent confirmation about the claim that you are at the moment Research has not yet been published in scientific journals Experts can try here. During the conference, he refused to answer many questions, paid for the workforce, ensured that the participants understood the risks and understood the benefits and kept his job secret until he was finished.

The regulators came to condemn the test Unofficial and unusual.

China's National Health Commission ordered local officials in Guangdong province. His work and his work center, University of Science and Technology of the South, too happened.

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