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Galtosto rescued his runners before thinking about gymnastics in the middle of the uncertainty


Galtosto rescued his runners before thinking about gymnastics in the middle of the uncertainty

enzo pérez and javier pinola leaving the monuments / fotobaires

After the signing of Copa Libertadoros d'America's second supermarket suspension and after Washington signed up to Boca, the company's licensing, Marcelo Gardo, the technical director of the river until today.

Following the announcement of president of Compell President Alejandro Domingu, the coaching staff, headed by "Munko", decided to hand over the second final suspension to suspension. So everybody is away from the worst continental continental and with your loved ones.

In this way, José Vespozio, at the Liberty Stadium, played at one of the hundreds at the Centurion, reuniting today and starting today's breakfast, where he is currently in semi-finals next month by Pedro Toglio of Pedro Toglio of Jose María Marie de Mae del Plata in the Argentinean cup.

In the primary programming basin, the final amendment of the evening Copper Libertadoras, arriving in the seaside town, delegation will leave in the morning tomorrow.

In the first phase, the party decided on Wednesday. Now, modification does not apply.

In the case of winning, "millionaire" would face the Rosario Center in the finals, which was on Treppery Road.

But on the eighth of the Argentinean Cup finals on December 6, when Kopa Libertadoros decided to play in the final, he would make changes.

A mixed bunch of wolves?

Today's training will begin to clarify the team that will appoint Marshallo Gallardo in court against Gymnastics. In psychology, you need to understand the use of a "mix" for beginners and replacements.

The official confirmation of the new competition against Boca and the main concern of Núñez, DT. Millionaire football players will try to make their choice, Leonardo Ponce, who was injured in front of Grammy on October 30.

You must first mix the gildo woolf

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