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G20 summit: Attack on Porto Medeira on the Canadian Expert with 12 Meetings – 11/28/2018

Canadian John Kirton, maybe The G20 is the most valuable experience, A number of academic and journalistic objects in the subject, endured one Attack on Porto MaduroA few meters from Luna Park before the start of the summit in Buenos Aires.

In the conversation, first of all, it was first stolen that his belongings were stolen Clarin It will be clear He was approaching two young men and nearby people. He threw him into the house, and with the help of the two women, nothing got to him. Cooperated with criminals. Today on Tuesday at 15.15 with several different events The G20 summit.

"Since the 31G 7 summit, since 1988, the twelve G-20 summit clocks, BRICS, My luck and the host's security is over. "Do not cry, do not cry," do not cry, "Kirtot wrote on Twitter, it was a lot of frustration and anger and the Argentine authorities showed great security.

Two young men were attacked by two colleagues. Journalists visiting Buenos Aires in the G20 summit should travel alone or keep the local police safe, "Kirta said.

Kirsten was quoted as reported by the ANSA news agency "Take the precaution."

For the G20, there will be a strong mechanism for 22,000 soldiers.

On Friday and Saturday, the Conference will be held in Buenos Aires Regulated blood circulation and numerous blocks.

The Ministry of Defense, Patrick Bullrl, "Strong, Strong and Purpose"; The coordinator of the G20 technology unit, Hernan Lombardi, said: "We show a large organizational capacity".

In the past weekend, fans were alarmed at Argentine authorities when it became violent They prevented the classic football classicsDuring the expectation of Kopa Libertadus, Wright plate had to deal with the Bocha juniors. This should be suspended by players.

Kirtan is Professor of Political Science, Director, Co-Founder of G-7 Research GroupThe founder and co-director of the Global Health Diploma Program (James Orbinsk), founder and founder of the BRICS Research Group, founder of the G-20 Research Group, Global Affairs at Trinity College University, At Toronto University of Toronto

Since 2016 he has served as the interim director of the same University's International Relations Program. Academic Buenos Aires came to gauge meetings and decisions of the G20 20.

ANSA source.

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