Thursday , June 8 2023

From the telephones and the Amrita, the john has been tested. Both films have been given an impression!


It's not easy to find drivers who can mislead the great people. With a simple example, this can be demonstrated: one of the last national figures in the national level is one more than 40 years old, Santiago del Morro. Last time, the great phenomenon of the nineties was Marseille Tennlyly and Miro Pergolini, twenty-four.

For this reason, the telephonist may have decided to challenge Jonathan Via: a journalist Mauro, a journalist, created a very good career even when he was young. In addition to his own radio program Viale 910 and its own cycle in CNN, it is important to consider the huge demand for the North American news network.

This journalist will be reviewed by suggestions made from television and Amrita TV. The first is that they play the role of the channel's newscast columnist and political analyst. In the second case, they tried to take over the task of Intratables, and completed his work as a panelist for five years (5-7).

It is important to note that it is very important that the centralized cycle in the political life of the most important news program in Argentina or the consequences of promoting it is very important. It refers to a great meditation exhibition. The villain in a place where his friend del Morro holds.

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