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Four motorcycle stole National Deputy Mary Negri

The four motor cyclists stole the deputy stunt of Campi Massey Mkii. Where the legislature lives in the Cordon de las Roses neighborhood, the Cordoba province. After cutting a glass of his car window, they took a bag with objects.

A few hours ago the incident happened back to his home, the capital of Córdoba. "He's got better, he's not beaten, but he's not a big deal,, Said a man in his environment, according to the newspaper The sound

Complained with a judicial unit near the Radical Deputy Hill. Attacks on two motor cycles. "A Man and Another's Son", And informed of who was the owner of the Radical Civic Union deputies.

Officials from the government of Perunist Juan CheriettiIn the elections of May 12, They communicated with the Garboniae candidate to show solidarity with him.

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