Wednesday , October 5 2022

Former engineer NASA claims that the video bomb was partially damaged


This week, a video that claimed to block the thieves who were holding packages from inside the house with a granite bomb was viral. Now, NASA's former engineer, the YouTube star and video made up proved that some of the thief's reactions were false.


It is said that Robert original video was removed from a footage of one minute. The "thieves" are actually people you know. Robert agreed to compensate the person who was the friend of a friend and successfully compensated. Later, he recruited two people to collect packages on tape by his assistant. There are three or more real responses to the video.

"I'm sorry for that, and ultimately I'm responsible for the content that's going on in my channel," he said. "I'm sure the real responses are right when taking the package from my home. I know that my credibility is a shot, but I encourage you to see the type of videos I've created in the past seven years."

People on Twitter apologized and applauded investors Chris Sacchus.

"It continues as a video of the year," said Eska. "Beautifully enduring engineering has led to a beautiful and gorgeous solution, and I can not wait to see your future videos when I build up your kids and your past work."

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