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For Marcoscio, Gaddordo had been to Fort McMinsey's point of view: "It was a moment of darkness"


In the final of Copa Libertadores' final, Gallardo played the victorious victory over Boca, on the lawn of Bernabeu. Source: Archive


Marcelo Gardado

He spoke with Argentine media in Abu Dhabi
The end of the press conference given to the Club World Cup before the Third and Fourth Games will adversely affect the Kashima Antonars of Japan. On Saturday, "They have asked many foreigners," a few billion hours after the publication of the speech, he again spoke to the press. He said he would continue in the club. What is the greatest challenge is to "do not be thirsty".

"The next year's challenge is not to rest," he said. "I do not know what to do when I'm not inspiring, today I have so many challenges," Milligan Coach said,


"This achievement will be eternal," technician said


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Copa Libertadorus

Gardado revealed how he lived in the last moments of the game. During the goal of Patti Martinez, when Jora's shot hit Akkani's goal, he could have played for Boca. The final moments of the box, was appointed coach of the river (he was not suspended because the bank sthiticeyyan): "the dog did not see the goal, I went to the locker room on the box, look, I'm still me, I will kick the tree pravesikkanayilla, jarayute no authentication. I came to the dressing room, I have nothing to kandy Some of them said to me, others & # 39; & # 39 The aim of the song, that. I do not know what happened, "he said. All rights reserved.

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"In the 20 days since Boca was not in the court, I felt a lot of pain and tears in the field.
Harassment I felt that I was not in it. It seems to be a very permissible. From that time onwards I suffered from this range. What happened in the river does not play, it does not play … change of venue. Always focus on the target team … far from our country, far from our home. They were mental, jerk, and went forward, "coach analyzed.

Team Gollardo confirmed the match against Kashima Antones. You have laks; Moriara Martinez Quarter, Pinola, Coco; Mayadah, Suklini, Palazzo, de la Cruz; Julian Alvarez and Borough. The Argentine time will be at 10.30 am on Saturday. Fox will be broadcast with sports.

I knew I'd concentrate on the World Cup. Gardoo said he missed Al Ain of semi-final against Nadine's performance in the UAE. "I was very angry at Tuesday, but I realized that it took me half way to the dressing room and the players had a great deal of effort and I would have to thank all the experiences they experienced during these months, which was very tiring."

Gallardo referred to Pablo Perez's realization of the river's victory

His mother's memory at the time of his success at Libertadores

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