Friday , January 27 2023

For classic, during the Plaza Moreno celebrations La Plata mounted a special operation


La Plata's municipality and the Ministry of Culture's Culture will also celebrate the anniversary of the city's 136th anniversary, this afternoon. The last of the Copa libertadores, today's artificial one, was set aside for today's time, and it is the fears of the day.

This is why we decided to start a special operation. The local police will have 400 members of the Buenos Aires Police. In addition, prevention will be done in the area of ​​crisis.

In addition, on the basis of communal sources, the action at Plaza San Martin decided to celebrate after the end of Libertador's 7 and 50 cord.

At the same time, Adenaida will act in defense and controlled tasks in 53, Plaza Mooreno. Plaza Morena is the location of the festival which starts at 2:30 in connection with the city's 136th anniversary.

This includes the ban on the sale of liquor in stores and shops in the area, access control restrictions on limited areas for celebration programs, and control of alcohol consumption.

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