Friday , January 27 2023

Five years after his death, the fort still stands today: the message of Guido Suler


Five years after departure Riccardo Fortress, Guido Sürer As he did four years after the death of the chocolate businessman, he disappeared from social networks.

"When we took this picture, we dreamed to be a memorable man. I think we are still one of your strategies, so you can talk about yourself. I think you are living in me, and you can not believe you are there. Without 5 years … our first kiss is 30 years … I love you"Wrote the media on Twitter.

In addition to Geoffrey's emotional message, Riccardo Fortress There were news again on this weekend. They were surprised to see that in a museum in Palestine Saturday they did not appreciate more than $ 1,250,000 worth of their paintings. Chronic HD.

It guessing that the driver had been stolen from a fan who was taken to Miami, where his favorite and frequent visitor was taken to Miami.

Sources: Zero Rating and Daily Show


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