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Five tips to prevent AIDS virus infection

Transfer so far Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV is the biggest problem of public health) World Health Organization (WHO), so far About 35 million people worldwide were killed.

The FIG Last month's newsletter National Center for Disease Control and Control of Peru Health and Health Medicines, The country has seen 3773 people affected by HIVThey In the last phase of this disease 778 people are suffering, Aids. Information will be updated till Aug this year.

Within its framework International Day of Fight against AidsDr. Evelyn Campos, five tips for prevention and promotion of a specially trained gynecologist and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) virus in the Ricardo Palma Clinic.

1. The contract to use

Condom use, as well CondomIn sex relations, it is necessary. Especially couples Prevent HIV transmission.

2. Water soluble lubricant

In using a lubricant in a sexual relationship, it is better to get water soluble. Other lubricants can either destroy or break condomsDismers you into a possible channel.

New signings

Dr. Kompus points out that the matter should be fixed Cirrhans are new when treated with a health center. Remembering something very important HIV to publish It is blood, it is good to be alert, he says.

4. Steelfield material

The specialist says that in any form, including any cut or dump, should be done with disposable or sterilized materials, Especially in any pharmacies, vegetables, in manicure, Among other activities.

5. Analyst for Discrimination Women

It is recommended to prevent the transition from the mother to the infant All the pregnant women HIV is being tested in the first control of your pregnancy. Find it on time, Amma will allow her to start appropriate treatment to reduce the risk of transmutation of the babyEvelyn Campos says.

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