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Finals of the finals: Miami sacked, for them Doha, Asunción, Medellin

Postcard: The Khalifa International Stadium in Doha is a superclassic Source: Reuters

Qatar eccentricity with petrodolars in the sports service is in the worst place

Libertador's Cup

The relationship between the United States

Come on

The next time Emirate is one of the guests of the Copa América. Qatar Airways sponsors Confederation Club clubs in the last month.


). The transfer of Qatar teams, organizational expenditure and Qatari capital will be transparent to all parties of the party.

Miami, another city with enough financial and functional muscle to host this event, was abandoned with "agenda issues". Other South Indian cities: Asuncio del Paraguay, Medellín (Colombia), Tuesday afternoon. Mairenaro de Belo Horizonte was offered, but the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) or Brazilian City focused on maintaining the competition. Como is available from other cities such as Genoa (Italy) and New Orleans (United States). "We know that Qatar and the telescope are very complex," it was a listening word at the Compell headquarters.

The decision of the city for renovation within the day is the decision of the disciplinary tribunal. Coming soon, the call will be announced on the date and date of the competition taking place on the eighth or ninth next month. "We schedule and organize and organize them, whether it's our job or the court," said the confederation source.

The Disciplinary Committee was working late yesterday afternoon, and it was the responsibility of Compol. All of this has been threatened with the possibility of arbitration for sports to reach the court's tables. "The tournament does not play much about what happens to its course and runs," they always thought, as Chorus replied. "Copies will succeed in court," President Alejandro Domingese, in an open letter, demanded.

Opportunity to play in neutral areas (outside of Argentina) opens another focus of the conflict.


On his arrival in Paraguay, he convinced him that a crucial meeting would be held on another date, but in his memorial and his audience. In the scenes of Qatar, Colombia and Paraguay, the scene changes. For now, the Nuns Club will have to answer to the opening of the Composite Disciplinary Unit in the open file yesterday.

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