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Fifth Fever: The Campaign Ends One-third of the children not being vaccinated

Inadequate results in input committees provide timely distribution of inputs, preventing additional resources to raise the immune system, initiating the population

Nicholas Maldonado

Within three days, the National Vaccination campaign against the killings, rubles and pearl ends. According to the Ministry of Health, one-third of the immunization vaccinated is not even vaccinated. Measles in the region In the midst of reincarnation, the outcome of initiating efforts to strengthen the care of children in Argentina is one of the lowest in our province, one of the lowest in the country.

In this difficult situation, the health authorities of the Nations asked the campaign to use the last days to force the families of children from 13 months to 4 years to inspire them. In this way more coverage is obtained.

The triple viral vaccine Measles considering an additional dose, as the National Inquiry Campaign Responds, reveals fears about the health authorities: The highest number of vaccine population in the population is 2,054,779 more than 2,817,000 children. "We still have to vaccinate 750,000 children, so 73 per cent of people work in the country," Cristian Biscart, Director of Control of Immunoporative Disease, acknowledged.

National Vaccination campaign against measles, rubles and pearls is an unfortunate example of fruitlessness, with 80% of the children being vaccinated in October and remaining in November, but by November 18, 73% of people have been exempted from 90%. Conducted by each pest Sylvia Gonzalez said neighboring sippalirriyilum achievement was due to the differences in the Province of Buenos Aires is located in one of the worst ayerasile win. Yu.en.el.piyile Medical Sciences inphaktealaji chair.

When Gonzales pointed out, the Volcano Commission of the Argentine Society of Infectic Disease (SDI) united. Some of the patients have had a prohibition of vaccination posts: vaccine (tetravalent conjugated meningococcal, tetravalent human papilloirus, as in the case of Sabine bevolent poliovirus, and varicella).

Disease was the cause of "different reasons": lack of leadership at various levels; Allowing resource such as the Mullaperiyar-based systems of infomers (vaccines and dispatchable materials for applying) or individuals overtime or infrastructure; Vaccinators decline without stimulating more work; Mass media has a reduced / saturated range among other media.

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