Tuesday , September 27 2022

Fadea Cordoban is the airline that reaches the energy industry


FEDA plant in Cordoba Credit: Minute Defense

Cordoba – German group nodx cooperated
Argentine Aircraft Factory Brigadier San Martin (FEDA) will set up a turbine assembly line from Cordoba stations. The industry needs to get outside the state to reduce the assistance received from the Treasury.

The Naxal Production Plant, which starts in Cordoba in 2016 and includes wind turbine generator components.

For these institutes, the recently announced Electric Utility AES will manufacture 48 AW132 / 3300 wind turbines ordered by Argentine Genanzone. The annual capacity of 3 megawatt 150 annuity turbines will be able to reach 500 MW.

The Nordex Group plans to construct two concrete towers in Argentina. Production of the oortex group and agricultural production for producing wind turbines will increase to 36 percent.

"We have been successful in Argentina for the past two years, and we've got the orders of 600 MWs, and we believe that this market is very powerful, and a big job with the launch of Renovar and MATER Programs, The company needs business Has been created. "

He said the establishment of a regional product center is a first step. In the following years we have planned to implement the local level distribution network in accordance with local needs. That's how to create more jobs than Argentine markets.

Defense Minister

Oscar Aguad

"We have stepped up to develop a strategic and sustainable fame, so we need to create new industries associated with the creation of the sky, with high demand and development, such as other technology industries, technicians and wind power."

"Industry and Metallurgical Sector should pay attention to the value added to this growth and monetization," he added.

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