Monday , February 6 2023

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Hairdresser for solidarity
His name is Xenonely Lucar, who is 18 years old and lives in San Carlos. Recognizing that his grandfather was known as his colleague in neighboring countries, he decided to stay on his side. For this he organized a campaign program. Milk replaced a box instead of a single hair.
His suggestion spread to social networks. Unexpectedly, it was not long enough to get that help. Many people were present at his work as a stalinist, others did not cut his hair before him. In fact, all who heard it speak about his solidarity.

5G technology
Samsung, Huawei and Apple are reported to have been in the range of 5G as head of smartphones. A study conducted by Strategy Analytics says.
Experts warn of the presence of current smartphone providers in the market. Since the changes from 4G to 5G can be reset to the list of first level providers, distribution networks.

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