Thursday , June 8 2023

Emilio Santa reopened the search: How the operation can continue


Guernsey's patronsThey searched for the plane on Wednesday The Argentinean player in Cardiff City traveled on it Emiliano Room The islanders informed the island police that they disappeared in the English Channel.

"We are searching, we are pulling out two planes and looking out for a particular area where we can find something(Device), "Guernsey police told her Twitter account.

"The coastal areas near Auriga, the rocks and islands, will be checked," they added.

Room, 28, was a pilot traveling from France (from France) to Cardiff When you miss the English language, you lose air communication.

The player who expressed fear of traveling on the plane had been communicating with him For the turbulence I experienced in the previous flight from Cardiff to Nantes.

On the canal, the area is 1,155 square miles (3,000 sq km) with a surface area of ​​15 hours on Tuesday Found a series of water flowing elements "The Guernsey police said.

The Albert controls the flight of neighboring aircraft The aircraft that first landed was at least 5,000 feet It lost 2,300 feet before the track was lost.

"We did not see the signs of people on the board. If they descend into the water, the chances that exist at this stage are very unfortunate, "they added.

Argentine striker lighter light aircraft, signed by Cardiff City on the weekend, Located 20 km north of Gourse, disappeared from Radar Monday night

Room This was changed to € 17 millionCardiff, the first British Division to come up in the diagram, record the amount.

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