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Electric Electric Electric Electric Eden and Edzer …

The Metropolitan distributor Edinar and the Edison must pay 460 million pesos for service errors. According to the National Electrical Regulatory Entity, the NREE has suffered 360,000 complaints due to repeated calls from the past semester. In the case of Edener, the penalty reached 170 million pesos and Essar 291 million dirham. The two errors of service that can be avoided by ENRE both of the suppliers, but only to systemic cut-off users can be returned.

The third Biodian Service Quality Review, two concessions to the service provider for violations of the regulator's comprehensive tariff revision in the period from March to August of this year. (RTI). In the case of the subscriber, the company registered 3.57 average interrupts per user, and was estimated to be registered an hourly average of 13.35. Both values ​​were below the parameters (4.53 barriers per user and 14.40 hours average length). In Edesur, the average length of interruption was 16.49, but the frequency of average interruptions for a customer exceeded (3.79 maximum limit for 3.10). According to official figures, the cost of recorded 285,000 users has been affected.

The mistakes made by Adenar are as below: the violation of service quality violations by $ 155 million; The failure of technology products is $ 6 million and $ 9 million for trade assistance. Edesur: $ 105 million in service standards; $ 7 million in technical product, $ 179 million in inconveniences in the commercial front.

The requirements set out in the comprehensive tariff review include the period from 2017 to 2021. On the basis of public report ENRERE, the companies are returning to their customers, a matter within a few days for service margins, technical and commercial products. Overall, both companies lose a turnover of 460,953,457.10, and only those that are systematic cut-off users will be eligible for refund.

The proposed Target Review (RTI), implemented by the end of 2016, has set up a path for improvement of electrical service on the basis of frequency (saffy) and the average length of breaks (Said). Instead, it has been increased in semiannual rates to increase revenue, increase investments to the distributors.

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