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El Central uso sued for the work of the artist, but he has not been there for a long period

El dólar mayor is a terminator of the terminator of 9 centaurs in the Banco Central, an intercontinental center of 13,00, with an unmanned intervention of the ferocious and intercontinental futures of the mercury.

If the box is contained by the contrary, it is necessary to use the imagination of a monetary instrument that does not belong to the privatos, but the final decision is made by Banco Central. Pero, There is no interruption in the termination of the status quo for the Estados Unidos.

De todas maneras, The reason for this is that it is not only the G20 of the manifestation of the constitution of the party to the public at the disposal of the G20. Además, establishes the dispute as a result of the fact that, in the context of the merits of the mercados, the laws of the law and the leaked en passes.

You are the loser of the city and the encontraron diplomat. There is a margin of margin between $ 37 and $ 37 per month.

En bancos y casas de cambio, el dólar bajó 4 centavos a $ 39,54 con escasas operaciones. Algunas sucursales tuvieron un comportamiento caótico por demas de pesos fin fin de semana. Muchos cajeros quedaron sin existencia de billetes.

Pero Como was quoted as saying, "Let's give you a better understanding of the demands of the democratization of democracy". En las lees en dólares que pagan una tasa de 4,75% anual and the 14th junio próximo, and the result of this. Seventy alumni de 80% de los vencimientos. Sobre USD 1.098 millions will be debited for USD 833 millones, a decoured USD 250 million voltage to the market. El gran est is designed to set up a personal property with a permanent payroll of 31 a decade.

Pero donde disminuyó considerable in the pesos, fue en las Lecap. An octubre pasado coincided with the value of foreign investors, including $ 118.703 millions of dollars for $ 75 mil millones. At the end of the year 193 and 377, it was 4,57% m 4 and 16% mensual, respective.

This is the best of lapse for 22.389 millones. Las Vegas made 116 días, with 29 million dollars, at $ 13.245 million and 4,46% mensual.

In the case of BOTE 2020, a new 21-year novel benefit, the first of its preliminary advertisements is $ 45 million and $ 7.861 millions for adjudicaron. Los Princes is the owner of the property of the bank, which uses the como encapses.

In the context of the lawsuits, there is an exchange of information on the mercado, Letras de Liquidez (Leliq). There is a wide range of emphasis on the Banco Central logró absorber. Se colocaron $ 120.051 millions of controllers at 97,934 millones, with $ 22.117 millones. It's a 61.45% que es 0,25 puntos inferior a la de la rueda anterior. Es la menor tas desde quenzaron a substratum estos bonos 7 días que solo pueden adquirir los bancos.

The ban is located in the Central Bureau of Central Asia, and the province has been forced to reinforce a province of the province.

Tal vez, the final result of the novel in the sea of ​​the sea. It is believed that the incidence of 3% is less than 3% per cent of the Gobierno. Pero diciembre será an mes distinto. There is no possibility that you will be able to perform the test result. Además, There are many reasons for escalating the car and the invaders.

A todo esto, las reserves subzero USD 3 millones a 51.466 millones. In addition to the average of 31 million in the world, we are looking for an average of 4 millions and a Brazilian internship and brasil.

En la Bolsa, which is about 70 per cent of the value of $ 767 millions. Los bancos fueron clave para el alza. Galicia and Bermuda are at 2,67%.

En Wall Street, los ADR's arguments and other certificates of attorneys, including lograron rebates on the frigas del martes. Tenoris has left 9%, recuperó 3,94% and Banco Galicia aumentó 7,73%.

Los bonos de la deuda, mejoraron su paradidad y el riesgo país cedió levemente a 705 puntos. There is a great deal of mile that can make a fortune on the burden of the rebellion in the comfort of a bastard.

The respuesta has to do so with the conclusion of the lenes, the jueves of the solo to the tres the mercado. The precision of the valuation of the bank is based on the Banco Central and telieron estimate of licenses.

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