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Eduardo Di Pedro: “We want the City to recognize the privilege of returning to the city within the last four years.”


Eduardo Di Pedro
Eduardo Di Pedro

In it the national government intensifies the conflict between the city of Buenos Aires, the architect Edward “Vado” de Pedro, the political sword of Casa Rosada and the attack on Horacio Rodriguez Larreta, and after a fortnight of secession, removes the executive’s order from the mayor of Buenos Aires.

“We need a city Joins a federal Argentine discussion, recognizing that she has had the privilege of returning for the past 4 years. It is good that the head of government of Buenos Aires is giving back the surplus that was given by Mauritius Macri, ”the Home Minister said in the conversation. Radio 10.

To the officers, “Excess of resources transferred to Macri city discusses which country model we want” He gave an example of the provinces lacking basic facilities and resources. “When I visit the provinces, I see that local policies are not encouraged,” Di Pedro said, referring to the actions taken with the country’s money in Buenos Aires.

“Redistribution and inclusion of revenue is related to the debate,” NO said, lamenting that the NAA had used these financial resources to promote itself after preparing a list of works that needed to be developed and made more competitive. City.

There are 20 works (to do) equivalent to Pasio del Bajo These 20 works nurture and allow millions of Argentines to take root. There is a clear vision and strong consensus that Argentina is a federal country, that the local economy needs to be developed and that the works should reach all corners of Argentina, ”he said.

To cite other examples, he cited the fact that Coriantes and Chacko needed $ 100 million to build three ports to achieve production by ship and make them more competitive provinces, but the previous government did not prioritize those needs. “Macri wanted to build the $ 700 million Pasio del Bajo to ease the traffic of trucks arriving in the port of Buenos Aires,” he said. Instead of investing $ 65 million in Coriantus port and less than $ 30 million in Las Palmas port in Chaco, the minister recalled.

As for the home minister, “no president should do what Mauricio Macri did,” he called on the former president to end the “mess and creole life” he used during his four years in office.

He pushed it forward “There are a number of governors who are considering suing the Supreme Court, so the City is refunding that money.” Of partnership.

Di Pedro recalled that there was an article saying governors who signed the financial consensus.Transfers to national government provinces must be legal, and co-partnership cannot be used to transfer funds. ” He emphasized that the letter was not a signal of a formal antitrust inquiry into the allegations, but rather a signal of a formal antitrust inquiry into La Pampa and San Luis.

When asked about his political approach compared to Frende de Todos Juntos Por el Cambio, he was very critical: “We are at a time when things are being said and said through photos. The world goes a long way from speeches to pictures, and people read politics through photos. ”

He added: “We have another option in front of everyone, which is a serious discussion based on the axes that address the needs of the people. When one of Cambimos’ photos sees him taking a photo similar to a friendly meeting, none of them talk about the discussions in front of Cambimos.

Instead, he was concerned about making it clear that there was no rigidity within the ruling party: “We have a very good relationship When they start to install what Alberto and Christina are talking about, the result is that ‘Alberto is a puppet, the former president handles everything’. They start to say that there is an institutional problem when they do not speak or install that they do not speak. I recommend not to underestimate the media, I do not give a shit that they know whether they are talking or not.

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